CleanCore for Window Cleaning Companies

Revolutionize Your Window Cleaning Business with CleanCore's AI CRM

Embrace CleanCore's AI CRM to transform your window cleaning business. Our intelligent platform streamlines operations, automates scheduling, and offers personalized customer engagement, setting a new standard of service excellence. Witness growth as you harness the power of automation and data-driven decision-making with CleanCore AI.

Ultimate Scalability

Whether you’re starting out or expanding your window cleaning empire, CleanCore scales with your business, accommodating more clients and teams effortlessly. With an unlimited amount of contacts available, you'll never have to worry about increased costs as you grow when it comes to CleanCore.

Multi-Channel Lead Capture

Expand your lead acquisition with CleanCore's multi-channel integration, seamlessly incorporating forms, surveys, and chat widgets into your marketing efforts for wider and more impactful customer engagement.

Dynamic Recruiting Systems

Recruit qualified cleaners and staff members with CleanCore's dynamic recruiting system. By intelligently filtering through the masses, CleanCore is able to seamlessly connect you with qualified prospects on demand.

Simplified Advertising Tools

Skip the learning curve with CleanCore's built-in ad tools, making campaign Facebook and Google ad creation and management straightforward and effective. Keep the phone ringing and the leads flowing.

Automated Client Success Journey

With CleanCore's flexible client success system, watch as your business earns more 5-star reviews while preventing bad experiences from going public thanks to timely and automated follow up.

Convert More Leads into Customers with Automated Responses & Follow Up Sequences

With CleanCore's dynamic custom workflows, your lead follow-up becomes a seamless, automated process. Tailor each step to nurture leads with precision, ensuring no potential customer slips through the cracks.

No Code Builder

Design and perfect client pathways with CleanCore's drag-and-drop workflow builder. No coding required—just a few clicks to tailor each step of your customer's journey.

Powerful and Flexible

Adapt to client needs with CleanCore's robust workflow system. Easily construct comprehensive client engagement strategies that evolve with your business goals.

Smarter Automation

Automate client engagement with precision, triggering a response at the right moment. Our workflow builder makes it easy to set up intelligent automations that work.

CleanCore website builder

Website Builder

Create & Launch a Professional Website for Your Cleaning Business

You don't have to be a professional web developer! Our user-friendly platform empowers you to craft a custom website for your window cleaning business in no time. Build a website from scratch or browse through a selection of pre-made templates tailored that we've built for you. Plus, with hosting included, CleanCore simplifies your journey to a seamless, effective online launch.

CleanCore website builder
CleanCore website builder

Recruiting System

Streamline Your Recruiting Process

Elevate your recruiting process with CleanCore's Recruiting System. Our advanced filtering technology ensures that you connect only with the most qualified and committed candidates. Save time and focus your efforts on serious applicants, making your recruitment process more efficient and effective. With CleanCore, find the right team members to grow your business and maintain the highest standards of service.

CleanCore lead generation - AdCore

Lead Generation

Generate More Leads

Maximize your client base with CleanCore's Lead Generation capabilities, tailored for window cleaning businesses. Our platform not only helps you generate more leads but also automates follow-ups, ensuring potential clients are engaged and nurtured into paying customers. With CleanCore, transforming leads into business success is effortless and efficient.

CleanCore lead generation - AdCore
CleanCore website builder

Client Success

Client Success: Boost Recurring Revenue

Transform your window cleaning business with CleanCore's Client Success System, a pivotal tool for boosting customer satisfaction and retention. This innovative system not only enhances 5-star reviews through proactive customer experience management but also prevents negative feedback by addressing concerns promptly. Additionally, it effectively converts one-time services into recurring revenue, maximizing customer lifetime value.

Connect CleanCore to Your Favorite Apps

Unlock limitless possibilities with CleanCore's integration capabilities, connecting you to a world of efficiency. Seamlessly integrate CleanCore with over 6,000 apps through Zapier, streamlining your business processes and enhancing productivity. This powerful connectivity ensures a more cohesive and automated workflow, propelling your window cleaning business to new heights.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the Power of AI to Grow Your Window Cleaning Business

Step into the future of cleaning business management with CleanCore's integration with OpenAI. From crafting compelling content to AI-driven lead follow-up, recruiting, review responses, and even AI-assisted booking, our platform empowers you with cutting-edge tools to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement. Experience unparalleled efficiency and innovation, setting your business apart in the competitive cleaning industry.