Capture, Nurture, and Convert: CleanCore's Complete Lead Generation System

Unleash the full potential of your marketing campaigns with CleanCore. Seamlessly capture leads through multiple channels, reactivate dormant contacts, and convert leads into paying customers—all from one centralized automation platform.

Maximize Lead Capture Across Channels

Expand your reach by capturing leads through forms, chats, and AI, all integrated with your preferred communication channels, driving a steady stream of prospects for your cleaning business.

Unmatched Multi-Channel Lead Capture

Diversify your lead sources with CleanCore's ability to integrate forms, surveys, and chat widgets across your marketing channels for a broader, more effective reach.

Dynamic Reactivation Strategies

Rekindle the spark with previous contacts using CleanCore's targeted reactivation strategies, turning cold leads into hot prospects ready for conversion.

Access Simplified Advertising Tools

Skip the learning curve with CleanCore's built-in ad tools, making campaign Facebook and Google ad creation and management straightforward and effective.

Automated Lead-to-Customer Journey

With CleanCore's automated systems, watch as your leads are seamlessly converted into paying customers through intelligent follow up sequences.

Automate Your Lead Follow Up with Dynamic Custom Workflows: Convert More Leads into Customers

With CleanCore's dynamic custom workflows, your lead follow-up becomes a seamless, automated process. Tailor each step to nurture leads with precision, ensuring no potential customer slips through the cracks.

No Code Builder

Design and perfect client pathways with CleanCore's drag-and-drop workflow builder. No coding required—just a few clicks to tailor each step of your customer's journey.

Powerful and Flexible

Adapt to client needs with CleanCore's robust workflow system. Easily construct comprehensive client engagement strategies that evolve with your business goals.

Smarter Automation

Automate client engagement with precision, triggering a response at the right moment. Our workflow builder makes it easy to set up intelligent automations that work.

Database Reactivation: Unlock Hidden Potential

Revive old leads and past customers with Database Reactivation campaigns, transforming overlooked opportunities into active revenue streams.

"My favorite part of CleanCore has to do with lead generation. I like that it connects right to Facebook and Google which allows all of our leads to go through our automated flows. We've been able to convert more of them into customers this way and I feel like I finally have it figured out for us."

Tom Richardson

Carpet Cleaning Professional