Streamline Your Hiring with CleanCore's Recruiting System

Discover top talent effortlessly and build your cleaning team with confidence. CleanCore's semi-automated Recruiting System simplifies the hiring process, combining automated sorting with seamless communication tools to ensure you find and onboard the best candidates quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

The Smart Way to Recruit: Faster Filtering, Better Hiring.

Experience a revolution in recruiting with CleanCore's advanced filtering technology. Our intelligent system swiftly sifts through the sea of applicants, spotlighting only the most qualified candidates and setting aside the 'just-looking' crowd. By automating the initial stages of the hiring process, we save you countless hours that were once spent on tire-kickers, enabling you to focus on engaging with serious contenders who are ready to shine in your cleaning business. With our meticulous pre-qualification process, you're not just filling positions faster—you're handpicking the cream of the crop with confidence.

Automated Pre-Screening Process

Say goodbye to sifting through resumes. CleanCore's automated pre-screening identifies the best candidates, so you can focus on interviews, not inbox clutter.

Effortless Applicant Management

From initial application to final interview, CleanCore's recruiting system organizes and tracks each candidate's journey, simplifying your selection process.

Quality Candidates, Quality Hires

Leverage CleanCore's precision filtering to connect with candidates who match your exact needs, minimizing time-to-hire and maximizing team potential.

Streamline & Systematize Your Hiring System

Automate and accelerate your hiring process with CleanCore's automated recruiting system, ensuring a steady influx of top-tier candidates with minimal effort.

Tailor Your Recruiting Approach with 100% Customizable Workflows

Craft a recruitment process that fits your unique business needs to perfection. With CleanCore's no-code workflow builder, you can construct a seamless hiring journey using customizable blocks for forms, filters, triggers, and automated responses—ensuring that your system works exactly how you need it to, every step of the way.

No Code Builder

Create and modify your hiring workflows with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder that requires zero coding skills.

Powerful and Flexible

A robust system designed for versatility, enabling you to implement the most intricate recruitment strategies with ease.

Seamless Integration

Synchronize your forms, surveys, funnels, pipelines, tags, and every other component using the workflow builder.

Activate Your Digital Recruiter: Expert Talent Acquisition, No Downtime

Unleash the power of CleanCore's Automated Recruiter, tirelessly working to streamline your hiring process and ensure you're only a conversation away from the perfect candidate.

"Recruiting cleaners and VA's for our cleaning business used to be a challenge. Now, my wife and I no longer dread the process thanks to CleanCore. Applicants flow through the system and we just wait for the interviews to start popping up on the calendar - it's as simple as that!"

Cristobal Mondragon

Owner of Bumble Bee Cleaning

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Cristobal Mondragon